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Disputes are unavoidable, whether in business or in a person’s life. Civil litigation is the use of court and arbitration processes to resolve disputes that cannot be resolved by the parties themselves. The question for every person and company is how they handle the dispute in order to protect their interests and, where possible, maintain important relationships. The attorneys at Chestnut Cambronne have an uncommon breadth and depth of experience that they put to use on their clients’ behalf to maximize the results obtained in the civil litigation process.

Civil litigation is a broad segment of the practice of law that encompasses many of Chestnut Cambronne’s areas of focus, including but not limited to business litigation, class action litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment litigation, real estate litigation, insurance litigation, copyright and trademark infringement, and probate litigation. Sometimes a legal issue does not fit neatly into a standard practice area. In those situations, it is particularly important to have attorneys with the breadth of litigation experience and skill to handle these matters. Chestnut Cambronne’s litigation team provides that and more as they approach each case understanding the importance of the outcome for every respective client.

For over fifty years, Chestnut Cambronne’s assertive and able litigators have served a broad and diverse clientele by enabling them to resolve their disputes from the point of investigation or a demand letter, all the way through until trial, if necessary.