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The attorneys at Chestnut Cambronne provide a broad scope of litigation services related to both trusts and estates. Chestnut Cambronne’s national reputation in providing estate planning, elder law, and probate services to its clients make our law firm uniquely qualified to represent individuals in litigation involving trusts or estates.

Chestnut Cambronne has a national litigation practice in both the trust and estate areas, and represents families, heirs, and trustees in fiduciary-related litigation, establishing or eliminating heirship, and in claims involving lack of capacity and undue influence.

Trust and estate disputes often involve assets and parties located throughout the United States and the world, and Chestnut Cambronne has extensive experience in litigating such matters in both federal and state courts, around the country, and internationally.

Our firm’s broad experience in these areas, combined with broad litigation experience, allows Chestnut Cambronne to provide its clients world-class litigation services involving trusts and estate-related disputes.