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Eric B. Bjerva


Eric Bjerva practices in the growing area of Mental Health Law, which encompasses many areas of practice with a special attention to the needs of those with issues of mental health and the complexities those issues create in law. Some of these areas of practice include vulnerable adult protection, guardianship and conservatorship law, substance use disorder, professional license defense, assisted living facility issues, probate litigation, trust and estate litigation, and business law.

Eric has significant litigation experience in the increasingly prevalent issues of vulnerable and elderly adult financial exploitation, as well as at the unique crossroads of adult guardianship and family law. At Chestnut Cambronne, Eric remains at the forefront of interpreting and applying Minnesota’s evolving treatment of mental health issues in the law.

Eric also advises substance use disorder and mental health treatment providers on various issues including State and Federal compliance, State and local law enforcement issues and outreach, as well as other general legal challenges that substance use disorder and mental health programs face. Presenting on such issues at the Minnesota Alliance of Rural Addiction Treatment Programs (MARATP), Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH).