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The Estate and Trust Practice Group has a national reputation of excellence. Our practice is wide-ranging, from simple wills to more complex trusts. We take pride in offering a variety of services, focusing on probate minimization or avoidance, estate tax reduction strategies, and planning for children or other beneficiaries with special needs.

We serve a diverse group of clients, ranging from single persons, married couples, blended families, domestic partners, and same-gender couples. Our attorneys are experts in the field. They are accomplished in their own right in the legal profession, teaching at local and national continuing education seminars for attorneys, accountants, and financial planners, as well as serving as instructors in law school. Our attorneys also are the authors of a number of articles on estate planning matters.

The success of our estate and trust planning practice is the result of a client-centered approach, using the most important of all communication skills: listening. Each estate plan is tailor fit to the needs of the client. Each detail of the plan is arrived at by a genuine discussion with the client of options available to arrive at the best course of action for each individual client. Clients feel considered, cared for, and prepared for the future.