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The process of insurance claims, and the corresponding relationship between insurance companies and their insureds, is becoming increasingly complicated and difficult. Chestnut Cambronne's attorneys have the experience and knowledge to guide insureds, whether companies, associations or individuals, through the often complicated process of recovering for a loss under an insurance policy, money to which the insured is entitled and too often is being withheld by the insurer.

When an insured suffers a loss, a process begins that has numerous potential potholes for an insured, from filing the claim, submitting the proof of loss, the appraisal process, examinations under oath, and policy renewal. Insurance companies can make this process very difficult starting with denying claims based on sometimes inapplicable policy provisions, continuing with employing attorneys to make the appraisal process contentious and complicated, and including intimidating insureds with examinations under oath. Individuals and companies who carry insurance policies are wise to counter these tactics by employing their own attorneys to provide counsel and representation.

Insureds make considerable premium payments over time so that when an unexpected and destructive event occurs from which they are damaged, they are able to be made whole. Chestnut Cambronne's attorneys bring experience garnered from representing clients at various points in the process to help insureds achieve the relief for which they've already paid premiums.