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Chestnut Cambronne boasts an employment law practice that represents both employers and employees in matters concerning all aspects of the workplace. Chestnut Cambronne attorneys litigate disputes and counsel clients on any employment related matter such as discrimination, retaliation, and harassment as well as actions relating to non-compete covenants and wage claims. In addition, Chestnut Cambronne attorneys work with employers to proactively mitigate any potential liability. Clients frequently praise the manner in which the firm’s attorneys are able to analyze business practices and procedures and remedy deficient policies, contracts, and relationships, thereby avoiding future legal disputes.

The employment and independent contractor relationships are rife for disagreement as they determine one of the most vital aspects of a person's life—a person's livelihood. Chestnut Cambronne's employment lawyers ensure that an employee receives the compensation that he or she has earned, whether wages, salary, or commissions. In representing employers, the firm's attorneys work to ensure that companies are not being exploited or held hostage by employees or agents opportunistically seeking more than they deserve. Chestnut Cambronne's lawyers also help employers deal with investigations from federal or state agencies, working to quash baseless accusations before they get out of hand.