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From negotiating the contract to ensuring post-construction that the work has been done in a proper and workmanlike manner, the area of construction has numerous points at which the experienced counsel of Chestnut Cambronne's construction attorneys provide sound advice to clients.

Whether remodeling a family's home or constructing a commercial space for a business, construction involves significant investments both financially and emotionally. The firm's construction lawyers work to ensure that clients protect themselves on the front-end, with appropriately-drafted contract language and protections, and are properly compensated on the back-end if the work was not done properly.

Chestnut Cambronne's construction lawyers have substantial experience representing individuals, homeowners associations, and companies in disputes involving a wide range of construction defects. The firm's construction lawyers have represented clients in relation to those matters in an array of forums, including trials, motions, arbitrations, mediations, and insurance appraisal hearings.

The area of construction defect litigation requires a working knowledge of the specific statutes and rules which govern the area. In that same vein, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as you experience what could be symptoms of a defect (peeling paint, staining on walls, cracking of materials, sagging, leaking, corrosion) because important statutes of limitation may be at play.

When a dispute arises regarding one of your most significant investments or you are experiencing the symptoms of potentially defective work, turn to the experience of Chestnut Cambronne's construction defect attorneys to staunchly represent your interests.