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The attorneys in our Criminal Defense practice area have broad experience in representing clients charged with a wide range of crimes from speeding tickets and juvenile offenses, all the way through complex federal indictments. Our lawyers are dedicated to reaching prompt and judicious resolution of criminal charges, to maintaining client privacy and confidentiality, and to achieving the best possible result for clients in each case. Our attorneys’ experience includes every aspect of pretrial and trial proceedings in federal and state courts including the Minnesota Supreme Court, the Minnesota of Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

Our criminal defense attorneys have experience handling traffic and criminal offenses, driving while under the influence and driving while impaired offenses, criminal vehicular operation, theft, shoplifting, assault, weapons charges, domestic violence, protection orders, drug related charges, and a whole host of additional serious state and federal felony charges. Additionally, our firm has experience in criminal-related proceedings such as civil administrative proceedings relative to school expulsions, driver’s license revocations, forfeitures, and professional licensing actions.