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The attorneys at Chestnut Cambronne have been actively involved in various forms of alternative dispute resolution for many decades. Our attorneys are routinely chosen by other lawyers or appointed by judges to serve as neutral mediators or arbitrators to resolve a wide range of civil cases prior to trial, and in some cases prior to suit.

Our law firm has developed an outstanding reputation for resolving disputes in a variety of areas, including issues related to food borne illnesses, medical negligence, mass torts, significant personal injuries, commercial litigation, real estate, maritime, and family law. Chestnut Cambronne is also one of the few law firms in the state that provide these services relative to maritime disputes. Chestnut Cambronne lawyers have been selected to help resolve some of the largest and most complex cases in recent history, serving all over the United States, and in some instances with federal judges. Our attorneys serve on various panels for public service to resolve disputes that may involve less money, but are just as critical for our clients.

The broad experience of Chestnut Cambronne lawyers in acting as arbitrators and mediators allows our attorneys to be particularly effective when representing clients in arbitrations and mediations.

Our offices on Washington Avenue boast state of the art conference facilities providing privacy and comfort to groups or multiple parties. Whatever the client’s need may be for resolving matters alternatively, the attorneys at Chestnut Cambronne have the skill and expertise to achieve proven results.