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Mike J. Ingvaldson


Mike Ingvaldson is an attorney at Chestnut Cambronne with diverse litigation experience, who routinely finds himself in a courtroom as his practice is focused on personal injury and criminal law. Mike represents plaintiffs on a wide variety of personal injury matters, including auto accidents, dog bites, wrongful deaths, civil assaults, slip & falls, medical malpractice, and other premise liability claims. He also represents injured employees in workers compensation claims who were injured while they were on the job.

Mike additionally possess an abundance of experience in criminal law as well. He both serves as a municipal prosecutor for the Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport and also represents individuals on criminal defense matters ranging anywhere from a simple traffic citation all the way to far more serious charges involving potentially severe consequences.

Whether Mike is taking your case to a jury trial, negotiating a personal injury or workers compensation settlement, or merely providing counsel on how to navigate these areas of the law, he takes pride in being a zealous advocate for his clients.

When not practicing law, Mike can be found spending time with his friends, family, and dog. Mike enjoys living an active lifestyle and is a lifelong MN sports fan (begrudgingly).