civil litigation

Civil litigation is the broad segment of the practice of law that encompasses many of Chestnut Cambronne’s areas of expertise. Personal injury, medical malpractice, and most business litigation fall into this broad category. Sometimes a legal issue does not fit neatly into a standard practice area, however, and in those situations it is important to have attorneys with the experience and skill to handle these matters. For over forty years, Chestnut Cambronne has served a broad and diverse clientele by enabling them to resolve their cases through representation, negotiation and, if necessary, trial.

Chestnut Cambronne attorneys have extensive experience in both state and federal courts, representing plaintiffs and defendants in real estate matters, landlord/tenant disputes, claims for insurance benefits, defamation cases, copyright or trademark infringement, and myriad other situations. There are times when a person needs an advocate to help solve their problem, and in those circumstances Chestnut Cambronne has the experience and knowledge to help.