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Claims against a professional are very serious matters, as they can have financial consequences, damage to reputation, effects on insurability, or loss of a professional license. Chestnut Cambronne's lawyers have decades of experience representing professionals against claims of malpractice or misrepresentation in a variety of fields. Real estate brokers and agents, architects, engineers, appraisers, and insurance agents have benefitted from the experience and skill of the firm's lawyers.

In addition to defending professionals when they have been sued for malpractice, Chestnut Cambronne's attorneys have assisted numerous clients when their license is at stake before a regulatory board or state licensing agency. The firm's attorneys appreciate that lawsuits claiming malpractice can be personally and financially detrimental and as a result use their skills and experience to thoroughly and aggressively defend those claims.

Given the experience of Chestnut Cambronne attorneys in this field, numerous insurance companies select our attorneys as Errors and Omissions counsel under many insurance policies.