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Chestnut Cambronne has a team of attorneys practiced in the unique law that applies to townhome, condominium and even single-family homeowners associations. The homes in these associations are subject to Articles of Incorporation, Declarations and Bylaws containing a series of obligations and agreements that control the development and operation of the property, the homeowner association and the homeowner’s conduct. In addition, many associations are also subject to the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act ("MCIOA").

The attorneys of Chestnut Cambronne have experience in all aspects of homeowner association law and can provide practical and effective advice to associations, boards of directors, management companies and individuals.

The firm's attorneys have experience in drafting the documents that form an association, including Declarations, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and Rules and Regulations. Beyond the initial drafting, we handle a variety of amendments arising from changing circumstances or problems in the operation of the association. Chestnut Cambronne's association attorneys also spend significant time interpreting these documents, providing opinions as to how the same apply to a variety of circumstances.

Chestnut Cambronne also helps homeowners associations enforce their governing documents, including rule violations and collection of assessments. From the initial demand letter, conciliation court, district court and/or foreclosure proceedings, the firm's attorneys have the experience to litigate the issues when necessary, or assist the Association to collect assessments for the benefit of the association and all of its members.

Lastly, homeowner associations also have their share of litigation. The firm's attorneys represent associations and their management companies in a litany of association-related litigation matters, including: construction defect claims on behalf of associations, insurance claims, enforcement of government documents, and defending associations against unfounded claims by third-parties.

With experience gained from representing hundreds of homeowners associations and working with an array of property managers and self-governed associations, Chestnut Cambronne's association attorneys are the complete package for representing you and your association.